anton hoffmann

this is a photograph that was featured in my most recent book, people pictures. its a portrait of a man who has been a mentor and who has had a lasting impact on my life. in many ways, this is one of the most important pictures i have made. i decided to post this picture today as a way to remind you to take photographs of the people that matter most to you.


© todd glaser

i usually don't post other people's pictures on my blog, but i thought this was great exception! my good friend todd glaser (an amazing person and photographer) just sent me this photo he captured of me while i was shooting photos for the cover of my book visual poetry a few years ago. how interesting to have that perspective  - thanks todd! to learn more about the book or to view the cover - click here.



robert gupta is one of the most inspiring, kind and talented people i have ever met. he plays violin for the los angeles philharmonic and has given a powerful TED talk, "Music is Medicine, Music is Sanity."

>> Click here to watch and listen his TED talk!

i like these portraits because i think that they are honest, authentic and maybe even real. which one do you like best?