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Mentoring Sessions - 150.00 / hr

If you've always wanted to chat with a mentor about your own photographic journey, this might be the perfect solution!

In my own journey, I've found it very helpful to talk with someone in a candid, no nonsense and down-to-earth kind of way. Sometimes it takes chatting with someone who has an outside perspective that can help the most.

So that's why I offer these sessions. You can sign up for a 1 hour session with me (Chris) to discover and clarify your own vision and voice, review your portfolio/website or to talk about whatever issue is most pressing.

Basically, these sessions are open-ended but with the main goal of helping you become create your best work and lead a more creative and meaningful life. 

*Once the session is purchased, we can figure out a scheduling option (between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri PST) to set up a call or skype session.