new waterproof housing - coming soon!

canon 5d mark ii water housing i've always been interested in combining my passions and i'm about to get a new tool that will help me do this even better! the tool is an underwater housing for my canon d5 mark ii that is being built by the guys at del mar housing projects. the last three days erik (the craftstman who's building my housing) has been sending me a daily iphone pics to show me the progress - i can't wait!! (click on the image for a larger view)

as a side note, i was first turned on to del mar housings from my good friend todd glaser who exclusively uses del mar housings. todd is one of my favorite photographers and he been getting some great recognition - a bunch of cover photos, he won the prestigious surf photo of the year, etc.  - ya todd! check out the photo below that he captured be using one of these housings... epic! to see more of todd's work click here.

todd glaser