film the above image was the result of a happy accident. basically a user error made when scanning some 35mm velvia film. i think the accident is kind of interesting and it lead me to reflecting on my own photographic journey. one of the things i've realized is that as my passion and understanding of digital photography has grown, i've simultaneously become interested in other types of traditional and analog photographic techniques.

there are a number of reasons why i've come to appreciate film. for example here's one reason.... not too long ago i was over at seal (the musician) and heidi klum's home in beverly hills. seal is a great photographer and we were talking about photoshop, lightroom and photography. at one point seal said something profound, "...when i shoot with film i embrace the mistake, when i shoot with digital i look for the mistake." that idea stopped me in my tracks and really got me thinking about how i shoot regardless of the format.

as i've mentioned before, i'm not interested in the film versus digital debate. rather i am interested in growing and developing as a photographer. and for me, film happens to be part of that process (among other things). as a result i thought it would be worthwhile to take one week and post an image each day that was recently captured with film. i hope you enjoy these postings, and even more i hope they get you thinking and ultimately spark some new ideas, growth and development of your own. here's to a week devoted to film - enjoy!