me it's been a full couple of weeks and i apologize for the lack of recent activity on the blog. i've been shooting a ton, teaching and developing, writing and recording some new digital imaging/photography training. over the next few months my schedule will continue to be a bit full, yet i'll do my best to keep the posts coming.

as a side note, a few days back a fellow photographer and friend of mine named mattia balsami, took a couple of mug shots of me (example photo to the right and a partial view of the setup below). it was interesting to be on the other side of the camera, mattia did a great job and i learned a ton.  it reminded me that if you want to become a better photographer its not all about looking through the lens... and sometimes it might even mean looking at things from the other side of the lens. so here's a creative challenge for this week - ask someone to take your portrait as see how it goes. perhaps you'll learn a thing or two about how to become an even better photographer.