triathlete magazine cover

cover today i walked into borders's and was surprised and stoked to see that the latest issue of triathlete magazine hit the stands! (i snapped the above pic with my iphone). for this issue i shot the cover and interior photos for an article on uber triathlete and good friend chris lieto.  it sounds goofy but it is always so fun to see your photos in print. and plus, my mom even called me from barnes and noble where she saw the issue and she told me she was proud :)

>> click here to check out the article

chris lieto cover

after looking around at some of the other magazines, i noticed another friend todd glasser's cover photo on surfer magazine. the whole thing brought another big smile to my face.  knowing that i needed to seize the moment, before i left i rearranged the magazine racks to make for a better show  ;)

i'll have some more photos to post from these issues, yet for now thanks for sharing in the joy of it all. cheers.