prints for haiti

haiti Greg Lawler, a good friend and great photographer, created a wonderful site in order to try to make a difference with the recent crisis in Haiti due to a massive earthquake. While the earthquake happened a while ago, there are still huge needs in Haiti. If you like photography and if you want to help out, read on.

Greg's own words explain it best: "Over the past weeks, I have been moved and saddened by the plight of hundreds of thousands of Haitians after their capital city was destroyed by a massive earthquake. Then Iā€™d arrive at work, dry my eyes, and move on to the business of the day. But the stories kept coming, and I was finally inspired to get off my [donkey] and actually do more than feel sad."

Greg's response was to take action and he collaborated with a number of photographers asking them to donate prints. He then quickly created a website were you can purchase prints so that the funds can be directly donated to the American Red Cross and Direct Relief International in order to provide much needed help in Haiti.


As a side note, the image at the top of the post is one of my favorites. It was taken by fellow Brooks Institute photography faculty Paul Leibhardt (see more of his work here). Paul is one of the best photographers I know. You can find this photo, a few of mine and many others on - be sure to check it out!