walk and talk

jpc2right now i'm at the palm springs photo festival - it has been unreal!  i'll post more as time permits. for now, here's something from this morning when i had the opportunity to talk with john paul capinigro (on the right is a photo i snapped of john paul today). if you're not familiar with john paul he is an incredibly talented photographer, teacher and creative thinker. he is honest, authentic and inspiring.

this morning, we happened to be walking from one location to another. while we walked, i recorded our conversation (in fact, in the background you'll hear the ambient noise of our footsteps, birds, street sweepers, cars, etc.). in spite of the ambient sounds, walking and talking makes for an interesting conversational context. even more, what john paul has to say is definitely worth checking out.  in sum, i hope that john paul's words illuminate your day!


to view more of john paul's work (like the image below) click here