beach + fog

beach i was down at the beach filming some movies for some upcoming photoshop cs5 and lightroom 3 courses for i brought my camera along a snapped a few frames. below is are a few pics of cameraman extraordinaire jacob cunningham.


family at sunset

family above is a photograph from last weekend of some family friends at the coast. it was made with a large format wood and brass camera and expired/discontinued film. in a time when perfect pixels have such high value, i find myself even more drawn to the subtleties and imperfections of certain types of traditional photographic techniques. and for me its not a question of "either or" or "new versus old"... rather i take a "both and" approach and enjoy many different types of photography. to view the other photos click here - enjoy.

joni sternbach

joni sternbachjoni sternbach is an acclaimed fine art photographer. her images are riveting, thought provoking and inspiring. i had the chance to talk with her about a current project titled, "surfland". listen to the interview below and to view photos from the shoot: click here [audio:]

to view more of her work (like the image below): click here