garrett speirs

last week i had the privilege of meeting up with acclaimed painter and print maker garrett speirs. his studios are located in a stunning 100 year old barn. the portrait above was captured above his lithographie print studio - i'd love to hear your thoughts. below are a few of his paintings and to see more of his work click here.



isabel lucas

isabel lucas

a little while ago, i had the privilege of photographing the actress isabel lucas at a beach north of santa barbara (click on the images for a larger view). i was using my old wood and brass large format camera with expired film. i just scanned these and feel like they have a wonderful mood, tone and feel. i'd love to hear your thoughts - which of the two pictures do you like best?


© todd glaser

i usually don't post other people's pictures on my blog, but i thought this was great exception! my good friend todd glaser (an amazing person and photographer) just sent me this photo he captured of me while i was shooting photos for the cover of my book visual poetry a few years ago. how interesting to have that perspective  - thanks todd! to learn more about the book or to view the cover - click here.


lynda weinman

last week i had the privilege of creating some portraits of some of the brilliant people who make lynda.com such an amazing resource (if you haven't heard of it before, click on the link to learn more).  i was especially excited to try to create authentic, telling and vibrant portraits of the two co-founders/owners lynda and bruce. (bruce is an unbelievably creative and fascinating person, mentor and friend. i haven't gotten to his portrait yet, so i'll save that for another post! for now, back to lynda....)

lynda is one of the most inspiring and wonderful people i have ever met or known. she has a keen and curious mind, a sharp intellect, a kind and compassionate heart and sparkling eyes. lynda is a leader, teacher and someone who sees the best in those around her. above is an iphone snap of one of my favorite pictures that is hot off the press (or desktop printer in this case).

as i tacked it up on the wall i was struck by that ever-present contagious creative spark that shines so brightly in her countenance, smile and eyes (i think i'm going to leave this one hanging in my office for a while!). and if you have ever met lynda, you know what i mean. if you haven't met her in person, perhaps you've experienced a bit of who she is by way of the benefit of using the amazing educational resource and training site she has created - three cheers for lynda!

and so,whatever your experience, if you have a lynda or a lynda.com story that you would be willing to share, i'd love to hear your thoughts!