nick dekker

nick dekker on this cold winter day i am sad, quiet and still. i just got word that photographer, colleague and friend nick dekker passed away. he was generous, honest and full of life. time is relentless.


below is one of nick's platino type prints. the photograph was made in north dakota near his parent's home. it is titled "forgotten dreams"

grandpas truck

surfer and 2 trees

surfer polaroid as certain film gets older it starts to degrade and fall apart, yet i find beauty in the decay that marks the passage of time. even more, the image above is a scan of something that you are supposed to discard  - it is the flipside of the "real" image. almost like a soft reflection of a more concrete ideal. is it just me, or does this type of idea/image connect with you? i'm curious to hear your thoughts. click on the image for a larger view and enjoy!