santa barbara

what photograph do you like best?

one of my favorite things to do is to get up before the sunrise and to wander around the water's edge with camera in hand. i love the quiet whisper of the morning - its clears and refreshes my mind, my vision and occasionally my soul. the following photographs were captured on one such morning. each photo was captured within just a few moments of the other, yet each photo is distinct and unique. here's how all this involves you -  what perspective or "story" do you like best? it would be a honor to hear your thoughts. (be sure to click on the photos for a larger view)

photo above: defiance - vertical

photo above: defiance - horizontal

photo above: walking alone

christian beamish

christian beamish it was a huge privilege to photograph christian beamish last week. he is a surfer, traveler, writer and modern day adventurer in the truest sense of the word. he is a seafaring man with a stout mind and strong character. a deep thinker and good story teller. we met up out at the channel islands and then again in santa barbara. i recorded some of our conversation and will post it when i get the chance. for now enjoy the large format photos above (click on the images for a larger view).

180 South

180 180 south world premiere / feb 10th 7:30 pm / santa barbara -------------------------------

if you live anywhere near santa barbara you won't want to miss this film premiere.  it is the perfect combo of story, stunning cinematography, surfing, climbing, travel, and adventure. to top it off, the movie is made by one of my favorite film makers - chris malloy... and it features some interesting people like yvon chouinard, keith malloy, jeff johnson and others.

click here to check out the trailer

as a side note, below is a iphone snapshot from my office today. the huge picture of the graveyard and ocean was captured by jeff johnson while filming 180 south in the easter islands (click on the image for a larger view). this image, along with others will be featured in a coffee table book to compliment the movie.

jeff johnson


bird blackbird fly

i've been having some fun with a plastic twin lens reflex film camera called the blackbird fly (the orange camera pictured to the left) - click here to learn more.

the camera is a bit tricky but there's something about the limitations that i've found refreshing. i've set it mine up to expose on the entirety of the film, sprockets and all. the shot above was the last frame of my most recent roll of film.

surfer and 2 trees

surfer polaroid as certain film gets older it starts to degrade and fall apart, yet i find beauty in the decay that marks the passage of time. even more, the image above is a scan of something that you are supposed to discard  - it is the flipside of the "real" image. almost like a soft reflection of a more concrete ideal. is it just me, or does this type of idea/image connect with you? i'm curious to hear your thoughts. click on the image for a larger view and enjoy!