sophia / yosemite

sophia digging through the archives today i came across this photo of sophia from last summer in yosemite. i couldn't resist posting it as it brought back some good memories.

on that particular morning, i woke up early to go and take some pictures while my wife kelly stayed with the kids. when i came back they were still asleep so i rekindled the fire and waited. eventually i heard something stirring in the tent. sophia was the first to wake up and i was ready with camera in hand to camera her peaking out of the tent.


sophia grace i am completely in love with my little sophia grace. the photo  above was captured with a wood large format camera using discontinued & expired film. for me, the degradation of the film makes the image more sentimental and thus more valuable. it reminds me that photography is savoring both the passage of time and the moments in between.

date with my sophia

date the above photos were taken by my youngest daughter sophia while we were on a date last weekend. first, we went to our favorite restaurant on the beach. then we went to visit the baby goats and chickens at a local hay/feed store. finally, we capped it off by getting some ice cream at mcconnells. she ordered rainbow sherbet with sprinkle covered chocolate chips. needless to say, we had a wonderful time.

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