christian beamish

christian beamish it was a huge privilege to photograph christian beamish last week. he is a surfer, traveler, writer and modern day adventurer in the truest sense of the word. he is a seafaring man with a stout mind and strong character. a deep thinker and good story teller. we met up out at the channel islands and then again in santa barbara. i recorded some of our conversation and will post it when i get the chance. for now enjoy the large format photos above (click on the images for a larger view).


rincon last time i went surfing i brought along the blackbird (mentioned in the previous post) and stashed it in the bushes. i took some photos before and after surfing. it was a great way to combine two of my passions. i wasn't too sure how they'd turn out yet when i got the film back i was pleasantly surprised. here's one of my favorites from that day.

surfer and 2 trees

surfer polaroid as certain film gets older it starts to degrade and fall apart, yet i find beauty in the decay that marks the passage of time. even more, the image above is a scan of something that you are supposed to discard  - it is the flipside of the "real" image. almost like a soft reflection of a more concrete ideal. is it just me, or does this type of idea/image connect with you? i'm curious to hear your thoughts. click on the image for a larger view and enjoy!

jack johnson

jack johnson as many of you know jack johnson is one of my all time favorite artists and people. last night at the arlington (pic of the crowd below) was the world premiere of the movie titled "jack johnson en concert."


the movie was epic. as a surprise jack introduced the film and then afterwards played for about 45min. it was an unreal acoustic show! for more info about the film click here.

jack johnson