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I am super excited to announce the release of a new course . Watch the trailer below - it's a fun sneak peak of the course!!!

The trailer above is basically the entire 2 hour course in 2 minutes! I just put that together to have some fun.
Want a more realistic and real life pace? Watch the introduction video and a few others below.


Topics include:

  • Optimizing your Photoshop Preferences
  • Changing Screen Modes
  • Open, Save & Viewing Documents
  • Working with Filters
  • Faster Masking
  • Adjustment Layer Awesomeness
  • Layer Clipping Masks
  • Advanced Layer Shortcuts
  • Reordering Layers
  • Sharpening
  • and more!!!

Check out a couple free sample movies below:

Working Faster in Photoshop
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Check out the tutorials that are coming soon below - iIf you'd like to subscribe to be noticed when they go live you can do so here!


Subscribe to be noticed when these course go live here!