In this day and age all cameras are amazing. Even the camera on your phone. This context makes photography one of the easiest art forms to do. Yet, it's one of the most difficult to develop your own vision and voice. And this truly is the only thing that sets you apart. Technique, subject matter or expertise - they aren't enough. If you want to create more compelling photographs you need to refine your vision and voice. And once you find your voice, it's liberating in unimaginable ways. No longer shackled by the fears, finding your voice allows you to be free.
When this happens the world takes note. 

The trouble is that you can't find your voice on your own.
You (and I) we all need mentors, colleagues, and friends to help us get past the lack of clarity we have.
Like asking a fish to describe water, it knows nothing else. And so we too swim around in the soup or our own ideas.
Unable to clearly articulate and define who we are and what we desperately want to create.
If you're like me, you've tried to find your own voice on your own, but it doesn't work. We need outside help. 

Because of this, I've created this format for helping you to refine and discover your voice.


Here's how it works. Sign up for a 2 hour session and we will talk, discuss and examine your work.
We will dig deep into the questions of who you are and who you are intended to become. 
We will search for the magnificent in the mundane. And I will provide you with a road map for moving ahead.
This is your chance to strategically step up your game. 

Or stay where you are and keep trying the same tricks. But trust me it doesn't work and it will make you insane. Einstein was right "Insanity is doing the same things over again expecting different results." Different results happen when you find a fresh approach. And for finding your own unique and personal voice, this ain't going to be something that is generic and found online. This kind of work only happens one-on-one. 

For a dozen years I taught at Brooks Institute, which at the time was one of the world's leading photography schools. Throughout it all, the most meaningful feedback I got was, "Chris, you helped me develop and discover my voice." And I've seen thousands of students go through my classes. The ones that not only survived but went on to thrive were not the "gifted" ones. They were the students that had drive, vision and voice.  

So here's my pitch. Sign up for a session and let's do what's never been done. Let's collaborate. Let's push through all the BS and find the voice, your voice, that is real, authentic and refined. What the world needs most from you isn't imitation or stress. It needs you to be free, focused and alive. Here's what this isn't. It isn't portfolio review (those rarely work). It isn't consulting (that's too abstract). It isn't just for photographers but anyone who wants to find their core. It isn't wishy-washy. It's concrete. It is collaboration, companionship, ideation and advice. It is about walking side-by-side and discovering who you were creatively designed to be. 

The cost is $500 for 2 Hours

Click the buy button to sign up now. Spots are limited. 



"The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why." Mark Twain