My name is Chris (that's me in the hat with my family) and I put this page together to tell you a little bit about a kids show that we are creating. 




The Magical Life with Christopher Todd (working title) is a half-hour show for kids. In each episode we visit with Christopher in his treehouse and go on spontaneous adventures to meet his fascinating friends and experience the interesting world around us. Along the way we will learn about how to become more curious, creative and kind.   

Ultimately this is a show to help parents and enrich the lives of their children. With our warm-hearted host and guide Christopher, his friends, and the places they travel, the world will become a teaching tool that is new, exciting and fun for kids to visit.

In this show, we invite our kids to be curious and discover new things via story and experience. Each episode unfolds in a spontaneous and natural way and includes: theme song, treehouse time, guest visit/adventure, music, art, moment of gratitude, story time, call to action and stop motion interstitials. Each episode is built around a theme/lesson that’s subtly woven into our narrative arc. These include fun yet practical calls to action like “be the real you,” “find the magnificent in the mundane,” “we are all different  we are all the same,” and so forth.



Warm. Humorous. Heartfelt. Imaginative. Modern. Minimal. Multi-cultural. Calm. Crafted. Curious.
Luminous. Adventurous. Timeless. Natural. Rustic. Safe. Healthy. Humble. Artistic. Fun. Friendly.


Warm. Welcoming. Kind. Fun. Healthy. Story-teller. Song-writer. Artist. Explorer. Inventor.  Collector. Creative. Surfer. Sailor. Musician. Beekeeper. Dad. Adventurer. Photographer. Nature-Lover. Friend. Writer. Humble. Down-to-earth. Rustic. Vintage. Poet. Maker. Curious. Silly. Simple. Imaginative. 

Here's a blurb they wrote up about me:
Chris is a celebrated author, photographer and speaker, who mixes the kindness, sincerity and comfort of Mr. Rogers with the whimsy, mystery and fun of Willy Wonka, plus a twist of something more. He’s a teacher, a surfer, a story teller, a beekeeper, a wood carver, an all around warm and wonderful soul. He’s a father, a magnetic storyteller, a pied piper. Chris brings a photographer’s fascination for observation and engagement to all that he does, seeing beneath the surface to connect with people in a deeply honest way. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Esquire, Style, New York Times and Surfer magazines, and his best-selling books have been translated into twelve languages, but you might not know it from his humble commitment to seeing the light, strength and beauty in others. He’s our audience’s friend, host and guide, and a perfect fit for Magical Life: “I have often dreamed of doing something like this for kids. The concept and mission for this show is a realization of that dream!” View Chris’s TEDx talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78ARBe2JCXw

Here's a photo I captured of Paul (the director of the show) and Renee (co-creator of the show) and their family. 


Below is a song from the co-creator (Renee) of the show. The animation is done by Hsin Ping who will be animation the in between moments in our show. 


Of course there's more, but I'll stop here. My hope is that this gives you a snapshot view of what the show is about.